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Editor’s Corner: Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Answers

Better late than never!

Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Answers

1. After she visited Grandma, my mom gave an heirloom to Kay and me.

The phrase "Kay and me" is the object of a preposition, so the object form me is required.

2. Neither I nor Amy remembered to feed the cat at dinnertime.

The usual order would be "Neither Amy nor I remembered." The pronoun is the subject of "remembered," so the subject form I is required.

3. Each of the Boy Scouts set fire to his tent at least once.

The singular possessive adjective his agrees with the singular pronoun each. Because the gender is clearly stated, the politically correct conundrum does not arise.

4. At least one of the women in the diamond store was living beyond her means.

The singular her agrees in number with one.

5. We men must refuse to be exploited for our good looks and horseback riding abilities!

The subject form is required because we, together with men, is the subject of the verb.

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