Posted by: episystechpubs | August 1, 2014

Nifty Nuggets: Quotation Marks

Did you know that you should avoid using quotation marks according to the JHA Style Guide for Technical Communication and Training? You should also never use single quotation marks, except in the instance of a word or phrase that is already inside double quotation marks (a quote within a quote).

Don’t panic quotation mark lovers! You can use quotation marks the first time you introduce a word or phrase in your documentation that may be odd or unfamiliar to a reader.


· Symitar added a new field, Spouse Access PIN, to the Credit Retrieval screens to let you send a password to "thaw" a frozen credit report for secondary applicants.

When text is enclosed in quotation marks, place the period ending the sentence inside the closing quotation mark.


· Enter the maximum number of invalid access attempts (1-9999) Episys should allow before the account is "frozen."

Thank you,

Jackie Solano

Technical Writer, Episys Technical Publications


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San Diego, California 92123

Direct Line: 619-542-6711

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