Posted by: episystechpubs | June 11, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Game of Thrones

As I was watching one of my guilty pleasures Sunday (Game of Thrones), I actually learned some new terms that I thought I’d share with you. As the Sworn Brothers of the Night’s Watch prepared their arrows for the attack of the Wildings, you hear the commands “Nock! Draw! Loose!”

I found it very interesting that archery has its own version of ready-aim-fire, but not one of the words is the same. Here (with some added punctuation from me) are the definitions, from Wikipedia’s Glossary of Archery Terms:

· nock: The act of setting an arrow in a bow

· draw: The act of pulling an arrow against a bow string in readiness for shooting

· loose: The act of shooting an arrow from a bow (a.k.a. “release”)

And along that same note, for those of you with the last name of Archer or Bowman, you can guess what at least one of your former ancestors did. But if your last name is Fletcher, did you know that one of the people in your family was someone who made arrows?

Interesting stuff!

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