Posted by: Jack Henry | May 29, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Nifty Nuggets

Good morning, fellow language lovers! This week we’re trying to provide you with tools to improve your writing. Most days it a little something about vocabulary, grammar, or punctuation; the other day it was directions to the Editing Submissions webpage; and today it is an introduction to Nifty Nuggets. Nifty Nuggets is a weekly email that my fellow editor, Jackie Solano, sends out to our group (Symitar Education & Technical Publications). Jackie’s nuggets of goodness include general writing tips and specific information from the JHA Style Guide for Technical Communication and Training.

These gifts are only available from one place, so if you write for JHA in any capacity, I highly recommend Jackie’s articles. If you are interested, please email jsolano and you will be added to her special list.

Here’s a sample. The first one’s free. J

Nifty Nuggets

Use parallel construction in lists and in sentences that list items. Be sure that each item is parallel with the other items in the list. Otherwise, the list can sound awkward and be confusing. Use the same sentence structure and the same verb form and tense for each item in the list. For example:

Kara Church

Technical Editor, Advisory

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