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Editor’s Corner: Social Media Vocabulary – F

Hello, folks!

After covering Facebook terms the other day, here are some other social media “F words” from Building Brand Character and Constant Contact:

· Flickr: A picture-sharing social media site that allows users to upload and share photos with friends, family, or anyone.

· forum: An online discussion site that is also commonly known as a message board. Communities of like-minded individuals with similar interests can start topics and respond to posts from others.

· Follow Friday: (#ff) A trend that utilizes the hashtag, #ff, to recommend other users or Twitter accounts to their friends and followers. See also, #throwbackthursday.

· Foursquare: A social network where users can check in to businesses or places, upload photos, and share on other social media sites.

o Foursquare
A geo-location service that allows users to check in at businesses and other locations, earning badges and other virtual rewards along the way. Businesses can use Foursquare to see who their regular customers are and offer special deals to them. [KC – A popular game that offers real rewards, like being king or queen of the playground.]

o Badge
A fun virtual "token" that Foursquare awards its users for certain behaviors, or for attending certain events. For example, users can unlock the "Bender" badge if they check in four nights in a row. Businesses can also sponsor badges for those attending special events.

o Check in
The act of saying "I’m here" on geo-location services like Foursquare and Gowalla.

o Mayor
The person who checks in at a given location the most on Foursquare is deemed the "Mayor." This can entitle the person to special deals and discounts, if the business has established them. Other Foursquare users can "oust" the Mayor and claim the title simply by checking in one more time.

And two more signs from the “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks:

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Senior Technical Editor

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