Posted by: episystechpubs | March 13, 2014

Editor’s Corner: Intruding and Disappearing Sounds

Today I have a couple more tidbits from an article by David Shariatmadari, called 8 Pronunciation Errors That Made the English Language What It Is Today.

When Sounds Disappear

English spelling can be a pain, but it’s also a repository of information about the history of pronunciation. Are we being lazy when we say the name of the third day of the working week? Our ancestors might have thought so. Given that it was once "Woden’s day" (named after the Norse god), the "d" isn’t just for decoration, and was pronounced up until relatively recently. Who now says the "t" in Christmas? It must have been there at one point, as the messiah wasn’t actually called Chris. These are examples of syncope.

When Sounds Intrude

Our anatomy can make some changes more likely than others. The simple mechanics of moving from a nasal sound ("m" or "n") to a non-nasal one can make a consonant pop up in-between. Thunder used to be "thuner," and empty "emty." You can see the same process happening now with words like hamster, which often gets pronounced with an intruding "p." This is a type of epenthesis.

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